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A Difficult type of Ulcers, treated with Homoeopathy: A kind of Livedoid Vascular Ulcers

Here I am sharing an article published on a homoeopathic website, a professional website. I am publishing the link and the article. Piyush Joshi Hpathy Ezine, February, 2014 |  Print This Post | February 15, 2014 Dr. Piyush Joshi presents a case of chronic ulceration, which yielded to a single remedy. PJT F/23 yrs. single, (B Sc, Hom)… Read More »

A kind of Post Traumatic Multiple Foreign Body, treated without surgical intervention!

A kind of Post Traumatic Multiple Foreign Body, treated without surgical intervention!  Generally when one discusses the cases with homoeopathic medical treatment, the great emphasis is on the ‘mental state’, ‘physical tendencies’, ‘desire and aversions’ and other individualistic factors are to be kept in mind. But in a case of accident, where such factors are… Read More »

A kind of Severe Depression

Yesterday I had a case with bipolar depressive psychosis. While explaining the prognosis to relatives of the patient I recalled a unique case of Depressive psychosis. The patient was a lady in her late twenties, married and a mother of a boy. She was born to and practicing Jain sect. Approximately a year ago she again conceived. She… Read More »

A kind of Migraine in a 12 year old Boy…

  SA9486PKP Here is an interesting case: The 12 year old studying at a day school, had complaint headache for more than one year. He was diagnosed to have Migraine by a Neuro-physician. The typical complaints were of pain in both the sides of head and top and back of his head. The pain increased… Read More »

Chronic Vomiting in a Young girl, agony of parents…

This was a peculiar case, in which the patient is brought for homoeopathic treatment after trying conventional treatment for long. The history of the case was as below: The patient was a 9 years and 4 month old girl, the only child of her parents. she was fine for first five years of her life.… Read More »

Happy Birthday, Sam!!!

Today, 10th April, is the birthday of founder of homoeopathy. Every homeopath, feels indebted for the knowledge he has given to treat the “sick”. Here I am presenting, in very brief, glimpses about the man who single handedly changed the science of therapeutics. It is in vernacular language Gujarati. જે બીમારીની સારવાર એકવાર થઇ હોય તે છતાં એ જ બીમારી વારંવાર… Read More »

Cystic Fibrosis of Lung : An Update

Hello, Few post earlier I had posted a case of cystic fibrosis of Lungs. It generated lots of curiosity. Here I am presenting another case with pre and post treatment chest reports with a brief history. The patient was of 63 year old male living at Mumbai, having his own business. Patient was a suffering… Read More »

Hemorrhoids: Pain in ass… Literally

Hemorrhoids: Pain in Ass… “Is it possible to have a prompt relief with your ‘slow’ system of medicine?” An Acquaintance asked, at a social gathering. “Why? What’s the problem?“I don’t have any problem, but my father-in-law has. He has come to attend this function but poor fellow can’t sit anywhere… can’t even stand for long…… Read More »

Lupus Ophthalmicus : A Challenge to Medicine, Effectively Treated with Homoeopathy!!!

ગુમાવેલી દ્રષ્ટિ… પાછી મળી સૃષ્ટિ… “હેલો…, મારા દીકરાની આંખને કંઇક ગંભીર તકલીફ થઇ છે, એ તો હાલ અમદાવાદ છે પણ ત્યાંના ડોક્ટરના મત પ્રમાણે એને તીવ્ર તકલીફ છે. એના રીપોર્ટની ઝેરોક્સ અહીં મોકલી છે, તે બતાવવા હમણાંજ આવું છું, પ્લીઝ થોડી વાર રાહ જોજો…” ફોન પર કાંપતા અવાજની વિનંતી સ્થિતિની ગંભીરતા સૂચવતી હતી. થોડા જ… Read More »

Chronic Hiccoughs : Rapid Recovery! Marvel of Homoeopathy!!!

હઠીલી હેડકી… “અમારી પડોશમાં એક બહેન રહે છે. તેમની તકલીફ એટલી બધી છે કે મારાથી જોવાતી નથી, અમને બધાને હોમીઓપેથીક સારવારથી સારું થયું છે એટલે એમણે પુછાવ્યું કે ખૂબ જૂની હેડ્કીની ફરીયાદ હોય તો આ સારવાર પદ્ધતિથી મટી શકે?”પડોશી પ્રત્યેની સહાનુભૂતિ સાથે મદદ કરવા ઇચ્છુક બહેને પુછ્યું અને જવાબની રાહ જોયા વિના જ આગળ બોલ્યા:… Read More »