A kind of Severe Depression

By | September 28, 2013

Yesterday I had a case with bipolar depressive psychosis. While explaining the prognosis to relatives of the patient I recalled a unique case of Depressive psychosis.

The patient was a lady in her late twenties, married and a mother of a boy. She was born to and practicing Jain sect.

Approximately a year ago she again conceived. She and her husband were not sure about continuation of pregnancy, so they discussed the issue with their parents. They expressed the opinion that the couple should decide about continuation or termination of pregnancy.

The couple eventually decided, that if they will have only one offspring, they would be able to provide a better childhood, education and culture, apart from spending well for overall upbringing of child. They consulted a gynaecologist and were prescribed pills. In due course of time the matterwas over.

After few weeks, the patient started feeling low. Gradually she started losing interest from daily routine of household routine.  Her appetite reduced and she lost interest of her personal delicacy and life. Over the time these reflected in every aspect of whole family. The husband could not understand the change in her behaviour; hence there were frequent arguments over missed domestic activities. She herself tried very hard to keep up, but somehow could not help. The family members thought she needs a break, so she was sent to her paternal home for a change.

At her home, her father could sense loss of interest of patient. He tried hard to know what troubled her but she said “everything is fine. I will be ok, give me some time”.

After few weeks she returned back to her in-law’shouse. As they could not see any change in her state, her husband and father-in-law, decided to take help of a doctor. Initially they consulted family physician and then a psychiatrist. Their medicines helped for some time, during which she used to sleep a lot, but later she experience all the more distress.  

Eventually she was brought for homoeopathic treatment. While narrating her complaints, she suddenly became quiet when she was asked about her menstrual history. After some time tears started. Her face appeared blank, but tears continued. After a long silence she said: “I killed my foetus. How is that I am still alive. I don’t have any right to live”.

Her tears continued to flow, and she appeared, as if, talking to herself: “I am born to a Jain family. From my early childhood, I am taught about ‘Ahimsa’.  I practice my religion with utmost sincerity. We do not eat or drink certain food or article forbidden by our creed. Neither we eat anything after evening, nor we drink water kept overnight in a jug, so as to avoid any killing of germs. We even don’t clean the floor of our house after evening to avoid killing of small insects. Andhere I am…look at me killed my own unborn child. You know doctor, we believe in karma, due to my good karma I must have conceived the child, and instead of bringing it to my family and this world I killed. Since then I am sleepless. Initially I could manage my household duties and other things but gradually I lost interest from everything. When I look into mirror I tell myself ‘you have killed a child for no reason, you are a killer’. Every now and then I see the face of child asking me ‘why have you killed me? I came to live with you, wanted to share my life with you and you did not allow me live’. At times I see delicate hands eager to touch me my face I can find peace anywhere.

Since my abortion, I feel, I have committed a great crime and my death will be the only penance. I do not want to live anymore… Do you have anything to offer me which can give me death?”

This patient was treated with other system of medicine without any benefit.

Under homoeopathic treatment she responded quickly. After first week’s treatment, her sleep was restored. Gradually her interest in household activity increased. After a couple of month she was nearly normal. Now she lives happily with her family.

The beauty of homoeopathy lies in the way it considers the ‘total’ case, covering patient’s mental, emotional state along with the physical complaints and their modalities. OnlyHomoeopathic medicines have the ability to affect and alter, hence treat the complaint of conscience. I know of no other therapeutic system which can treat the complaints of conscience.

Hail Hahnemann!

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