A kind of Post Traumatic Multiple Foreign Body, treated without surgical intervention!

By | December 6, 2013
A kind of Post Traumatic Multiple Foreign Body, treated without surgical intervention! 
Generally when one discusses the cases with homoeopathic medical treatment, the great emphasis is on the ‘mental state’, ‘physical tendencies’, ‘desire and aversions’ and other individualistic factors are to be kept in mind. But in a case of accident, where such factors are not of much importance, how homoeopathy can help?
Here I am presenting a case. The patient, 25 year of female, was riding on a two wheeler. While negotiating a busy circle, after crossing, she took a turn, only to meet a speeding four wheeler, head on. The collision was so strong that the two wheeler was damaged as was the four wheeler, at the bonnet and the windscreen was in pieces. The patient was in air for some moments and fell on her side. Fortunately for her, her injuries did not cause any fracture but multiple glass objects, flying from the windscreen, pierced her left arm. She had multiple lacerated injuries too.
The attending physician dressed the superficial wounds and advised for x-ray, primarily for ruling out any deeper tissue injury or fracture.
Below are the x-ray and its report.

The x ray was suggestive of multiple small glass pieces in lower arm, behind elbow and upper forearm. The radiologist suggested high resolution sonography to elicit the exact location.
The removal of multiple foreign bodies would involve multiple entry point and extraction under CT or Sonographic guidance.
The patient was one of my relative hence they asked for the opinion. I suggested the Non-Invasive Homoeopathic approach in which the patient is required to take only ORAL medication and nothing is to be done at the site of foreign bodies.
We treated the patient with homoeopathic medicine for two and a half month.
The pains and sensations of discomfort due to foreign bodies disappeared during the first week of treatment. She no longer could feel the foreign body, which were very painful to touch. After a month’s treatment, patient complained of proud flesh at the site of lacerations, she was developing Keloid at the site of injuries. 
Patient was advised to continue the same medicine.
The patient, was a Master’s student in Pharmacology, wanted to know the status of the foreign bodies, was advised for a follow up x-ray.
To her and her family members’ surprise, the x-ray was completely NORMAL, showing no foreign body.
At a recent social meeting the patient confirmed to be fine and the Keloids, at the site of lacerations, have disappeared completely.
This is the ‘beauty’ of homoeopathy. It treats the patient in non-invasive hence non-violently. In conventional treatment the patient would have undergone at least 6-8 incisions, constantly exposing her to CT for the guidance, (not to mention without CT guided procedure would have caused extensive trauma to tissues), pre and post-operative medications including antibiotics and painkillers and repeated dressings.  
Whereas Homoeopathy is so ‘gentle’, it acted promptly to relieve the pains and patient continued her ‘normal’ routine without any interruption. She was not only saved from frequent visits to hospital, but from the physical and emotional trauma of surgical procedure.

Hail Homoeoapthy!

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