A kind of Migraine in a 12 year old Boy…

By | June 18, 2013



Here is an interesting case:

The 12 year old studying at a day school, had complaint headache for more than one year. He was diagnosed to have Migraine by a Neuro-physician.

The typical complaints were of pain in both the sides of head and top and back of his head. The pain increased with motion of head but is sat still or in a quiet room his pains would reduce. The use of laptop or watching of television for one to two hours will cause severe pain. The pain became worse from noise and cold room, even at night. He has diminished appetite but craved sweets, cream biscuits. He also complained of hair fall.

He is a shy boy, does not play much outdoors. The mother reported a unique observation: “His father is serving abroad. I and my son live here. I am a working mother, and have to reach office by 10 am. He put the alarm for waking on time. But, he sets same alarm in multiple devices for example, landline, cellphone, alarm clock etc. I always tell to set in any one device but he says ‘the backup is needed, what if one device does not work?’ This I am not able to understand. With the first sound of alarm he wakes up as hurriedly and stops all the devices. Mostly he is very irritated in the morning.”

This boy was treated with all kinds of medicines like home remedies, pain killers and drugs prescribed by Neuro-physician, without any benefit.

The homoeopathic medicines provided prompt relief and made life more enjoyable. The treatment lasted for less than two months. Today after more than nine months, he remains healthy, has gained weight.

The remarkable point: he uses only alarm clock and is composed when wakes up.

The true healing recovers the patient not only from the main complaints, but makes him healthy.

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