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Homoeopathy : providing Rapid, Gentle, Permanent restoration of Health

The title is self explaining. This blog is related to Homeopathy. While talking to the patients, answering the questions of acquaintances and discussing with friends, I came across many finer aspects of homeopathy.

The history of homeopathy is well-known and documented. The efficacy is verified by several million people worldwide who have taken advantage by using it for various kinds of complaints with excellent response.

In my blog, I intend to share the effectiveness of homeopathy for healing the sick humanity from my practice as well from others.

From my experience for more than two decades, homeopathy has provided relief, restoration to health and rejuvenating hope for despaired patients, who had restored to several other ineffective modes of treatment.

Let me mention one case which is not so uncommon. Most of people, as a child, must have suffered a condition known as recurrent tonsillitis. The complaints are of acute nature and it develops very fast. Normally one would resort to other modes of treatment and would not prefer homeopathy, because of certain notions about the system. One such notion is that “homeopathy would cause aggravation of complaints”, another is “homeopathy is slow to act, so cannot be used for acute conditions.” Once the pus formation has taken place, one need to use antibiotics, homeopathy cannot be useful.

To start with I am presenting a case of recurrent tonsil inflammation, which used to develop pus inside the tonsil, better known in medical term as “chronic recurrent quinsy.” The case was mentioned in a vernacular newspaper column, which I used to write for the awareness about homeopathy and the range of cases which could be advantageously treated by it.

“My friend’s daughter is having some kind of throat pains, I have advised him to bring her for the homeopathic treatment. He will come with her today only, have a look at it.” Dictated on phone by a businessmen, who had been benefited by homeopathy, recommended a challenging case,

Worried about the daughter’s agony, Father reached the clinic with the daughter and her illness reports on time. Five year old girl used to suffer from recurrent tonsillitis for more than two years. The father narrated the history of his daughter’s suffering:

“She has fever nearly every fortnight; she has been treated with lots of medicines, every time she responses to the treatment, but the relapse occurs within 15 days. Just when we feel she gains little health, she would develop a new episode of fever and she would lose all her strength. In the beginning she would have heaviness of eyes with watery discharges, these lasts for half a day and then she develops fever with shivering, during fever she feels extremely thirsty. She has a tendency to develop high fever very soon, so we have to immediately give antipyretic, otherwise it would shoot up with trembling of all the limbs, even her face turns red during fever…, such episodes are continued for more than two years. We consulted one doctor, who diagnosed it as ‘quinsy’ (suppuration of tonsils) and advised for surgery. We do not want her to undergo surgery, so are managing with medications. We tried some empirical medications, some home remedies too. It worked for a short time. Again she develops same set of complaints. We want her to be treated for this primarily. If possible with this treatment, she has one more distressing complains i.e. she passes involuntary urine during sleep. This is more chronic than the tonsil and fever complaints.

When she started experiencing the complaints of incontinence, we used to wake her during the night and took her to restroom. But as days passed we noticed that before we could wake her up she had ‘wetted’ even during the first few hours of sleep, without being affected by it she would sleep on in the soiled state. This happens two to three times every night. Now she wets herself even during the day. This had affected her mentally a lot. Every morning she apologizes to her mother and says “sorry”. She does not go to stay at any relative’s place for overnight even during vacations to avoid shameful events.

She is our only child. She loves the company of other kids. She plays with kids of her age group in the society, but she enjoys the company of her cousins the most. So we call them frequently at our place, she is most happy when they all are around, but the moment they leave, she start feeling lonely. I and my wife try to give her maximum of our time, still she feels lonely at times. “

The previous blood reports of the patient were suggestive of recurrent infections. Her latest blood test showed high level of white blood cells and low level of haemoglobin, suggestive of acute infection with anaemia. The examination of throat revealed highly suppurated and inflamed tonsils, confirming the diagnosis of “chronic recurrent quinsy”.

Her complaints were serious. If she would not recover at the earliest, she would develop other complications. Keeping the basic principles of homeopathy, her treatment was started and was asked to come for the follow up after five days.

On fifth day, happy father came with now healthy looking girl. Throat examination showed no pus or swelling of tonsils. Her blood reports confirmed that the infection had weaned away. Her haemoglobin had increased by one gram and the total white blood cell count also had become normal within five days. Her appetite had returned and she had resumed her school.

Her treatment continued for eight months. The goal of treatment was to prevent recurrence and get rid of her nocturnal enuresis. Within first three months her enuresis gradually reduced and stopped. During whole treatment she never experienced a single relapse.

This case demonstrates some important facts.

As is widely practiced, this case was treated by several paediatricians with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines without any benefit for more than 2 years. As medicines failed to stop recurrences she was advised for surgery. We know well about surgical intervention and its effects, and most important – the mental and physical trauma of undergoing any surgery especially at such a tender age. The surgery would have removed the affected organ not the cause of it.

The homeopathic remedy not only removes the affection of disease, in this case recurrent tonsillitis with suppuration, but also removes the tendency for recurrences and restores the state of health in most gentle and speedy way.

Contrary to popular belief, that homeopathy takes long to feel improvement; the fact is, during homeopathic treatment the acute diseases recover in equal short time. Even the seriously infected state would return to normalcy within reasonable period at the deepest level, as is documented in reports mentioned herewith.

The significant advantage of homeopathy: its gentle way of administration of remedy, gentle way of treatment and gently making the way to permanent recovery.

Here is the published case in gujarati, in pdf format.