By | September 28, 2011

Here I am presenting one more unique case of “A kind of Migraine with facial Neuralgia”.

The patient was aged 49 years, male, qualified civil engineer, doing the business of industrial construction. He was referred to me by one of the old patient, who had been benefited by marvels of homoeopathy.

The case history was like this:

He had on and off pain in the left eye. This lasted for few months. Later he used to experience intense pain in left eye which used to extend till left temporal region developing into severe headache, accompanied by profuse discharges from the eye. Later this pain used to extend and cover left side of the face making it difficult to chew and at times even talk, as motion of the lower jaw used to cause severe pain. These pains used to increase by noise, touch and even mild draft of air. He tried treatment from family physician, but in vain.

As his pains increased he was not able to attend to his business as usual. Some acquaintance suggested that he should consult a dentist. Following the advice he consulted one orthodontist. He opined that two of the left lower molars need to be removed in order to remove the pain effectively.  Obeying the expert opinion, his two molars were removed.  The pain still persisted, now more intense.

One of the relative, a doctor, at Mumbai, suggested that along with the pain killers he should be given steroids to have relief in pains. This was added and he used take up to 60 mg of steroids per day. While under the effect of strong pain killers along with steroids he experienced significant relief in his agony. After 3 months of duration he was advised to “tapper off” the steroids and to his disappointment, his pains reappeared.

One of the relative, another doctor, from Paris, opined that this could be “allergic” complaints and patient should discontinue the use of chocolate, milk and egg in any form. This advice for followed to the letter, no change experienced.

As in most of the cases happens, the patient was suggested to take homoeopathic treatment. He consulted one the practitioner. The treatment of three months from a homoeopath also did not help.

Someone suggested about Ayurvedic treatment, which too was tried, with the same result: No change or relief in pain.

By this stage, almost five years went by. The pain which started with mild intensity had become now worst, and in the process the patient had lost two of his molar, left the food like chocolate, milk and eggs and their products, and mainly lost the hope of ever becoming well again.

The case was referred to me by a patient (whose 22 year old son had suffered with headache for 4 years, in spite of all types of treatment, cured with homoeopathic treatment at this clinic), who had promised of cure at this clinic.

In the beginning of the case taking the patient made it very clear: “I do not have faith in homoeopathy, I have already tried it, it failed to even reduce my pains, by my wife’s friend has forced me to meet you. So I am here, I do not expect much from you. If only, you can reduce my pain to a bearable level, I would be more than happy.”

By now the intensity of the pain had become worst. He used to be abusive with the pains, at times anger leading to even rage. He had developed lots of anxiety about his business as it suffered due to his prolonged and repeated absences. His sleep was disturbed from noise and the hope of ever getting recovered weaning.

The treatment of the first week showed marked improvement. On the first follow up after a week brought him smiling. The hope of being relieved was also brought back, as he said, “Pardon me, for my remark. I now feel Homoeopathy will not only relieve but cure me from this agonizing pain.”

The treatment was continued for three months. After that he is a new person, with lots of enthusiasm about business and life.

The successful treatment has won one more ardent supporter in him, as now he is referring all sorts of difficult case, like cases of epilepsy, migraine, spine –disc lesion for treatment to Homoeopathy.

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